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The Challenge

Managing your own money can feel overwhelming at times. You wonder where to invest and what financial products might help. There are so many options and too many choices can cause doubt and worry. 

Whom To Trust?

First, you need to know that the information you use to make investment decisions is free from conflicts of interest. That it comes from someone with years of experience and an independent point of view. It takes trust to let someone else manage your money and the informational sources you use to manage your own money are no different. Where can you find that trust?

And do you trust yourself? We often doubt we know enough. We don’t feel confident in making our own decisions. Are our emotions in check? Will we know what to do in a time of crisis?

And with all of that over our heads, we wonder: do I even have enough time for all of this? In my busy schedule, can I find the necessary accurate information, study it, process it, and act on it? And what if I have to act quickly, to respond to events that are happening NOW?

That’s a lot to carry around.

But we can share the load.

Money for the Rest of Us Plus is for those who choose to manage their own investments. It provides the tools to overcome investment challenges, filter through the clutter, and make decisions. I know you don’t need a leader because you are not a follower. But you may want a guide for your financial journey.


Money for the Rest of Us Plus is a meeting ground for those who have taken their investment journey into their own hands.

Here, we learn and we share. You don't need to be an expert to be a successful investor. You just need access to the right tools and rules of thumb to plan your next steps. As a Plus member, you will see how others, including me, navigate the same investment and financial challenges you face. You’ll get your questions answered. You will become a better investor.


For close to two decades I advised and managed assets for institutions and financial planners. I perfected my teaching style as an investment consultant to numerous not-for-profit institutions, including The Texas A&M University System, the University of Puget Sound, and the Sierra Club Foundation. I assisted my clients in overseeing billions of dollars in endowment assets.

I now use the investment insights and tools I learned and developed as an institutional portfolio manager to help individuals save and invest for retirement.

There are over 1,000 Money for the Rest of Us Plus members, not because I’m here to tell them what to do, but in order to get access to the resources I use to manage my own investment portfolio. I’m here with you.

Members learn from the portfolio decisions that I and other like-minded investors make, including our mistakes.


The confidence and peace of mind that you will have enough to retire and that your money will last comes from knowing where your money is and where it is going. It comes from educating yourself so you can confidently make your own investment decisions. It comes from controlling your emotions by having access to timely information like the Money For the Rest of Us Plus monthly investment conditions report. Money for the Rest of Us Plus has the tools you need to manage your money more effectively, including model portfolios that can serve as a guide as you grow your net worth.

Save Time

Members appreciate that they can get the critical insights they need to make prudent investment choices without spending hour upon hour doing their own research. You can learn and stay up to date by listening to the weekly member-only Plus podcast episodes and the ad-free version of the regular podcast. Or you can just read the transcripts. 

What are real members, people like you, saying about Money for the Rest of Us Plus?

"Subscribing to Money For the Rest of Us Plus is one of the best investments I have ever made. The market conditions report and the weekly plus episodes provide me with the data I need to stay confident through rough times, or to tweak/protect my strategy when necessary, and ignore noise and emotional reactions." - Uzi Kilon, Plus Member

"The best money I have spent has been on becoming a Plus member." - Stephen Joyce

"David's focus on ensuring Money For the Rest of Us Plus members understands potential investment risks speaks volumes on his desire to provide a service that is focused on the customer. His passion for helping us understand the markets and invest wisely is greatly appreciated." - Philip Cameron, Plus Member

"I find that David’s philosophy and approach to managing investments resonate with me and is a useful guide for someone trying to manage their retirement assets. I especially appreciate the model portfolios and the expertise that David utilized to build them.  As he suggests, I modify them to better fit my personal situation and believe the results are far better than what I would have developed on my own." - Kent Baggett, Plus Member

"The work on the Money For the Rest of Us model portfolios - providing different ones for various risk tolerances - is just terrific. Together with the background info on how they are put together, the multiple models provide an excellent outline of how to view portfolio construction, expected return and risk aversion." - Thomas Keane, Plus Member

"The Money For the Rest of Us Plus mission of providing the education and tools necessary to understand financial markets is exactly what I was looking for. I now feel confident when evaluating different options and searching for the tools I need to learn more." - Brad March, Plus Member

"I have received much more in value and confidence than my annual fee." - Ed Reed, Plus Member

How Money For the Rest of Us Plus Can Help You

3 Steps To Achieve Your Financial Goals

1. Set Your Plan

Use the Money For the Rest of Us Plus 7 step investment process to build a diversified portfolio plan and adapt it as market conditions change. The process starts with mastering some basic investment concepts and asset classes.

Additional tools to help you set your plan include:

  • Five categories of model portfolios ranging from ultra-conservative to aggressive with specific ETF and fund holdings. Models include substitute holdings using commission-free ETFs and funds for account holders at Vanguard, Fidelity, Schwab, and the Federal Thrift Savings Plan.
  • Downloadable asset allocation model with 10-year expected return and risk assumptions for 24 asset classes to help you understand reasonable long-term expected rates of return given current market conditions.
  • Audio and video lessons on various asset classes, how to choose a portfolio, and how to implement and rebalance a portfolio.

2. Stay Up-To-Date

Use these resources to efficiently stay grounded in your investment decisions without becoming overwhelmed with market data, news, and opinions:

  • A Monthly Investment Conditions Report with audio commentary where overall market conditions and their subcomponents such as valuations, economic trends, and the level of fear and greed in the market are rated RED, GREEN, or YELLOW. This report can help keep your emotions in check and when necessary adapt your portfolio allocation as conditions change. Check out this sample investment conditions report.
  • A mid-month audio update to provide context for what is going on with markets and the economy so you can, as one Plus member said, "Hold a steady course in the face of volatility and not make any rash moves."
  • A detailed monthly snapshot of my own investment portfolio including my asset allocation weights and holdings.

3. Get Answers To Your Financial Questions

Get your financial questions answered by a trusted mentor via the weekly Money For the Rest of Us Plus member podcast, the member forums, and audio and video lessons. See how other members are dealing with the same financial issues you face.

What Money For the Rest of Us Plus Members Are Saying:

"David has changed the way I invest. Money For the Rest of Us Plus provides incredibly valuable monthly distillations of comprehensive data on market valuations, market internals and global economic indicators. This gives me the navigational perspective to make critical decisions. If you want to take control of your own investing, retirement planning and more, the podcast and Money For the Rest of Us Plus are fantastic resources." - David Rosenheim

"I do not have an investing background and so Money For the Rest of Us Plus has provided me with both the needed introductory and advanced information. The materials on the site somehow simplified investing (although, I do now realize how hard it can be.) Also, the customer support has been fantastic; David is so responsive to Plus members." - Sharon Trocher

"The main reason I continue with Plus membership is the monthly investment conditions reports. David does a great job of summarizing the key information and presenting it in a way that can be easily understood. Listening to his reports helps me to filter out a lot of the noise and conflicting opinions that you see in the media and helps me not to panic during temporary downturns!" - Deborah Hilton

"David's monthly investment conditions snapshots give me peace of mind and allows me to ignore all of the financial noise we are bombarded with on a daily basis." - Johnny Gabriele

"I find myself eagerly awaiting new Money For the Rest of Us Plus content." - Craig Roberts

"I enjoy the way David explains how markets and financial concepts work and how to apply common sense ideas to investing. David has a soothing style that interjects thought provoking ideas, concepts and entertaining stories on broader topics that intertwine with life and investing." - Max Wexler

"Your website design is fantastic and the information you are providing from all the resources gathered is really a boon to me." - Tom Whitaker

"I'm a new member of the Money For the Rest of Us Plus and love the service you are providing. It's an incredible value considering the amount of video & audio content." - Curt Bagley

A Mobile Optimized Investment Education Platform

Money For the Rest of Us Plus is mobile optimized with convenient access to audio content via leading podcast apps using a personalized RSS feed. Members get all Plus audio content as well as an early release each week of an ad-free version of the Money For the Rest of Us podcast. Plus members also get exclusive access to transcripts for the podcast and Plus episodes.


Money For the Rest of Us Plus is also available on its own iOS and Android apps

Monthly Plus Membership
$30.00 per month

Tools to help you set your long-term asset allocation including 10-year asset class return and risk assumptions.

Five categories of model portfolios with specific ETF and fund holdings and weights ranging from Ultra-Conservative to Aggressive

Concise and simplified analysis of current market conditions that save you time including valuations, market internals, and economic and central bank trends

Candid insight into my own investment strategy, decisions, and holdings and the adjustments I make as the market environment changes

Unlimited access to over 250 Money For the Rest of Us Plus premium podcast episodes where I answer your questions on investing and personal finance

Member forum where you can get your investing questions answered.

Mobile app to access audio content and the ad-free version of the podcast.

Access to written transcripts for the podcast and Plus episodes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What will I get with my Money For the Rest of Us Plus membership?

A. The best way to get a sense of what is included with your Money For the Rest of Us Plus membership is to watch this introductory video.

Q. Who is the target market?

A. Money For the Rest of Us Plus is geared toward individuals who manage their own investment portfolios with an online broker and/or as part of a work-sponsored retirement plan. A typical member is between ages 25 and 65 and prefers to make their own investment decisions. They are portfolio and asset class focused and not interested in gimmicks or the latest hot stock picks. Members' portfolio sizes range from less than $100,000 to over $5 million. Money For the Rest of Us Plus is globally-focused and has members that live in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, and other areas around the globe. Here is a demographic profile of Plus members.

Q. How often is new content added to Money For the Rest of Us Plus?

A. New content is added weekly. There is a new member-only Plus podcast episode every week. Additional content added throughout the month includes the investment conditions report and audio commentary, mid-month strategy update, portfolio profile with audio commentary, and additional video and audio lessons as needed. Model portfolios are monitored and updated on an ongoing basis. The long-term asset allocation assumptions are updated quarterly.

Q. How much content is currently on the Money For the Rest of Us Plus?

A. Money For the Rest of Us Plus opened in December 2014. Currently, there are over 250 audio lessons, video tutorials, and Plus episodes along with model portfolios, asset class return assumptions, monthly investment condition reports, and portfolio profiles. Upon joining Money For the Rest of Us Plus, new members receive an email series that serves as a tutorial to how the site is organized and highlights important content.

Q. Can I listen to the Plus episodes and other audio content on my mobile device or in my car while commuting?

A. Yes. Money For the Rest of Us Plus is optimized for mobile devices as more than 50% of members access content via their mobile phones or tablets. There is a member-only RSS feed for all audio content including the ad-free version of the regular podcast. There is also a Money for the Rest of Us Plus mobile app for iOS and Android.

Q. Does Money For the Rest of Us Plus contain model portfolios for individuals with different goals, life stages, and risk profiles?

A. Yes. The site contains five categories of model portfolios with specific ETF fund holdings weights ranging from Ultra-Conservative to Aggressive risk profiles. There are adaptive models that adjust based on market conditions and simple static models that do not change. Please note the model portfolios contain ETFs available to U.S. investors. The site also contains an asset allocation modeling spreadsheet so you can compare different asset allocation scenarios to evaluate their expected rates of return and risk of capital loss. Members can also download a spreadsheet to customize their own asset allocation using up to 24 asset classes. 

Q. How do you decide what content to add to Money For the Rest of Us Plus?

A. Most of the content is based on member feedback and questions. This is your platform so my goal is to focus on adding content you find most helpful.

Q. Will I be able to see all your investment holdings?

A. No. But you will be able to see most of them. Some of my holdings are experiments so I wouldn't be comfortable knowing others are following my investment moves exactly. I share my overall asset allocation percentages, the allocation percentages of my liquid portfolio, the regional allocation of my stock portfolio, my top 10 to 15 equity holdings, and all of my bond holdings. I detail portfolio changes including my decision process as part of my effort to help you to make better investment decisions.

Q. Why does membership cost $300 per year?

A. Because I want to make my investment help affordable to you. The annual fees that I charged clients at my prior firm started at $50,000. My goal is to deliver way more value to you than what you pay. To put it in perspective, an annual subscription to Money For the Rest of Us Plus costs less than one credit hour at most U.S. 4-year colleges, which ranges from $230 to $1,150 according to the College Board.

Q. What are your cancellation and refund policies?

A. You can cancel your annual subscription anytime. You can also get a full refund if you cancel in the first 30 days by emailing me. No refunds are given after the first 30 days. You can cancel your monthly membership at any time.


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The number of Plus members is closely monitored to ensure the best experience for all members. The site frequently closes for new member enrollment. By joining now you will be able to lock-in an existing spot on the site and your membership price will never be increased.

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Important Disclosures

The Information and opinions contained Money For the Rest of Us are for educational purposes only. The Information does not consider the economic status or risk profile of any specific person.

The Information and opinions expressed should not be construed as investment/trading advice or investment recommendations and does not constitute an offer, or an invitation to make an offer, to buy and sell securities.

The Information and opinions contained on Money For the Rest of Us is for investment education and considered general communications in the form of an online financial newsletter / broadcast video and audio shown to the general public.

The model asset allocations and model portfolios on the site are hypothetical examples and not investment recommendations. Individuals who are considering applying the model asset allocations and model portfolios to their individual situations should consider their other assets, income, and investments such as home equity, individual retirement plan assets, savings accounts, and interest in other qualified and non-qualified plans.

The Information on Money For the Rest of Us was obtained from various sources. Darby Creek Advisors LLC does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of such Information provided by third parties. Money For the Rest of Us and Darby Creek Advisors LLC assume no obligation to update this Information, or to advise on further developments relating to it.

Any return expectations provided for individual asset categories, model asset allocations, or model portfolio are not intended as, and must not be regarded as, a representation, warranty, or predication that an investment will achieve any particular rate of return over any particular time-period or those investors will not incur losses.